What a word! or rather a complete sentence or an emotion in itself. The most abused word. Only a few who really sacrifice, will never talk about it or go about town screaming.

Why have I chosen this topic out of the blue? In the last couple of days, I have been hearing, reading about the Prime Minister’s drastic change of policy of abolishing the old 500/1000 rupee notes & people’s reactions to the same.
While many people are willing to accept the change & go with the flow, there are still lot of people, even ardent Modi fans, who are complaining about logistics, calculations & other sundries.
Well, this is just one aspect. What I wanted to convey was that we expect only others to do the sacrifice part. It may be our colony, our street, our religion & so on. We will just do the applauding & following. 
And if anything goes wrong we are always there to criticize, complain & condemn. Basically we are fence sitters. Couch potatoes. Ouch! Why change? Pain was better than change. 

We will post feel messages about Patriotism, Sacrifice, Swacch Bharat & best of all “CHANGE”, and consider a job well done from our side and sleep well for the day. Little realizing that we are all fooling ourselves and no one else in the bargain. Think about it. 
We choose scapegoats for sacrifice. In religion we choose our Gurus, who have done lot of Tapasya & expect him to shower his blessings & wash our sins. Same thing with our leaders. We have chosen them as our manifesto is  “Do not disturb for another 5 years”.  
Well,  there are lot of examples. But I need some change of air, so I am going out for a walk.